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Brave in Creation and Fond of Self-challenge -- Chu Feng, Top 10 Employees of Hongtu Technology in 2019
Publication time:2020.09.27 13:32:24
As the leader of Nantong Hongtu die casting process group, Chu Feng is mainly engaged in the research, development and application of die casting production technology. He is committed to improving the quality and efficiency of die casting products. Since his entry, he has been adhering to the core value of "rising in great vigor", growing from an ordinary technologist to the technical backbone of die casting.

He is committed to the exploration and application of new technologies. By participating in the research and development of super spot cold needle technology, he has markedly lengthened the service life of super spot cold needles and successfully popularized the 3D printing insert technology. Through making technological breakthrough, he has obtained the patent of "A Die-casting Process of Eccentric Intercept" and published many papers. 

He led the Shanghai General Motor rejection rate improvement project, which greatly reduced the product scrap rate. He was visible in all scenes, from mold flow analysis to field filling experiment, from mold modification to standard establishment, from early stage debugging to formal production.

He has worked hard to promote die-casting process refinement. He is personally engaged in all links, from improving the performance of super point coolers, vacuum machines and other equipment, to optimizing the process file, and the client interface.

He actively involves in the full value flow improvement project. Through the continuous optimization of production technologies and processes, reduction of product processing processes, and optimizing logistics routes, he has contributed to saving production costs for the company.

He has been conscientious in the position of technological research and development. He has always been ready to meet new challenges and, with practical actions, to practice the value of "making new progress".

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