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Introduction to Outstanding Innovation Projects of Hongtu Technology in 2019 (Market Innovation) — Toyota Series New Product Development Project
Publication time:2020.09.27 13:47:41
By cooperation, Hongtu Technology has overcome key technical problems of reduction in die-casting tonnage, non-artificial orthosis of thin-walled blank products and 3D printing of mold inserts. With excellent R&D ability and rigorous work attitude, it won high praise from customers, and became a supplier of Toyota for the latest TNGA engine platform products. This laid a solid foundation for the follow-up exploration of markets for other businesses of the Toyota system.

With persistent innovation of the project team, the company won recognition from Toyota for its technical level and product quality. It acquired a number of new projects from Toyota in the country in 2019.

Hongtu Technology has always adhered to value creation to build an efficient customer-oriented organization. Meanwhile, it optimizes system solutions to lead customer needs and strive to develop into a first-class industrial group in the manufacturing field.
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